Friday, July 29, 2022

Update on NH Deluxe Coaches, Smokers and Combine Coaches and the Workshop.

 Hello Everyone,

This is the first update on the first collaboration between Randy, Myself and John Green of Bethlehem Car Works.

See my previous post as well as Randy's for background on the project. The 3D modeling has been completed since the New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet and sent out for production tests. This is very exciting because it really make this real. Something that I have created on my own laptop is going to be a part of a serious model railroading company. 

With hope the models will be completed in time for the NHRHTA Reunion/ train show on September 10th. Sadly I will be missing this because of a prior event. but for those interested in attending, one of the best parts of this show is that its located inside the River Valley Junction Building at the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat in Essex, CT.  So please come down to see the models and help support our hard work as well as take a ride along the Beautiful CT river valley.

The other news I have is regarding the workshop itself..... IT HAS BEEN UPDATED!!

First off, I added more power outlets in key locations. (This was an adventure to pull a permit, install on my own and pass inspections.) Thankfully all is passed and I wasn't shocked too bad!!! (Kidding)

Regardless this allows me to have dedicated electrical circuits for the modeling CPU, my paint booth, and most importantly the 3D printer station.

That's right, your eyes are not fooling you!! There are a few more toys to play with here. Pictured above from right to left to right is as follows:

Top Shelf: Anycubic Photon S ( Original Printer), Anycubic Wash and Cure Station Plus, Anycubic M3 Max.

Bottom Shelf: Homemade UV curing Chamber, Dremel 3D20 PLA Printer, various cleaning and printing supplies.

Stuff on the bottom shelf are nothing new. These were some of my first printers, support equipment and supplies. The top shelf is were the fun is. Starting with the most impressive item, the M3 Max. Thanks once again to Randy We were able to order this printer for future modeling projects. (stay tuned for more!)  But the new printer is amazing! it has a corner to corner measurement of 13.5 inches. Meaning that we will eventually fit a full HO scale Pullman car in one piece. Lets the imagination run wild!!

Which brings us to the Wash and Cure Plus. This is filled with a cleaning solution that will clean off printed parts in minutes. Once parts are clean the interior bucket can be removed and built in UV lights will cure the parts. It will greatly help the post printing process. 

I have a few test prints in mind and I cant wait to test the limits of the new machines!!  Post more soon but till next time see you all real soon!

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